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Raymond Rose is a creative business founded in 2020 by Christie Rose and Frankie Raymond. After graduating from the London College of Fashion with a desire to make something of our own, we set out to create a brand that fills an obvious gap in the candle market.


Christie worked as an Artisan Candle Chandler for 6 years whilst studying at LCF. It was clear that, as the candle industry expands it can be seen as a wasteful industry. Candles are being bought and burnt very quickly; consumers are then left with empty containers which often are thrown in the bin. The more candles purchased the more waste. We recognised the need for brands to live up to customers ethical expectations and Raymond Rose was born!


  • We value British Craftsmanship, Sustainable Practices, Authenticity and Individual Creativity.



We have built a candle brand that offers a collection of scented beeswax blend candles and refills services. Our refill services are the solution to the wasteful candle industry. We focus on recycling as a sustainable solution to combat waste within the industry.


  • REFILLS:  We offer candle refills that fit into our Raymond Rose glass container. The object of our refill service is to minimise the amount of glass being bought and wasted.


  • CANDLE BAR: Our Candle Bar allows customers to be involved in the creative process and create a candle personal to them. We can fill any non-flammable vessel sent to us. (We will fill competitor candle vessels, china, name it we fill it!) We want to encourage customers to repurpose vessels and encourage zero waste

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