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Whether it's a used and empty candle container or a beautiful vessel that matches your interior style, we offer a refill service to replenish these with your chosen RR scent.


At our Candle Bar we refill empty vessels turning them into unique candles, no vessel is too big or too small. We simply charge by weight of the wax. 


We want you to be involved in the creative process, our aim is to provide you with a unique personal candle whilst minimising waste by reusing vessels that may be lying around your homes . 

Get in touch by sending us a photo of the vessel you would like filled. We will get back to you with more information:


100g: £10  

200g: £14

300g: £22

400g: £30

500g: £34

600g: £38

700g: £42

800g: £45

900g: £50

1kg +: Price on request 

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