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We all want our candles to last as long as possible, to do this you need to care for your candle! Follow our simple steps to ensure you always achieve the perfect burn.

  • Always burn your candle for at least 2 hours to allow the the top layer of  wax to become molten. This avoids ‘tunneling’ and ensures an even burn

  • Trim your wick! A ‘mushroom-like' build up forms at the end of the wick after each burn, before relighting, always remove this. You can do this by snipping it off into the bin with a pair of scissors. Ensure the wick is never longer than 5mm. Removing the mushroom will ensure the flame should never get too big and not produce smoke.

  • Avoid placing candle in a draughty area whilst lit: no-one is happy when your candle starts to tunnel.

  • Don’t burn your candle for longer than 4-5 hours at a time, the glass vessel can overheat and become hot touch. 

  • Know when it is time to order a candle refill Never burn your candle to the very bottom, accept it has come to an end and buy a refill! Ensuring you leave 1/2" of wax at the bottom of the vessel protects your glass and avoids it from overheating.

  • Refill your candle jar Place the glass vessel in a freezer overnight. Cold causes the wax to shrink, the remaining wax will then easily come out of the jar. Rinse with soapy water and you are ready to add your candle refill

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